Wistia video sharing and PLM or ERP systems?

Just saw the notice that Wistia got their 2nd round of angel funding.  Congratulations.

Wistia Gets Additional Funding (from Mass High Tech)

Their value proposition is centered around allowing companies to distribute video and track how it is used.  Makes sense for promotional materials.

But could it be used in PLM or ERP systems?

For example, you produce a training video that illustrates the correct way to install an ECO which is then distributed to all of your service reps.  How much more confident would you be in the performance of your service technicians if you knew which ones had (and had not) viewed the video?

Likewise, getting proposed engineering changes reviewed by appropriate people has always been a challenge.  Various companies have tried before-and-after drawings, drawings with annotations (or notes),  pictures of the proposed changes, etc.  But there is no way to know whether each reviewer actually looked at all of this information BEFORE they approved the change.   Perhaps Wistia’s technology could be adapted to track these events and incorporate that logic into the PLM system’s review capabilities…

What do you think?


2 Responses to Wistia video sharing and PLM or ERP systems?

  1. Chris Savage says:

    David, great questions. You’re right on the money. We see customers using video internally and externally across their networks to share and track responses. This can be for sales, marketing, training, or just general collaboration.

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