Fishing opportunities hampered by flood

It looks like it’s going to be a nice weekend.  Sunny and warm.   And fortunately, my basement is dry — unlike some of those people who live along this same river and who are trying to put their lives back together after at least a week of flooding.

The water is cold enough for Northern Pike to be active,  my boat, motor, and gear are all ready to go.  And my wife is going to be away with friends on Saturday.

Sounds like an ideal fishing opportunity!!

Just one small problem….

I don’t think I can get my boat under the bridge to where the fish are.

Perhaps I can find someone who needs another hand to help clean-up instead.


2 Responses to Fishing opportunities hampered by flood

  1. Ian Scholes says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am also a keen freshwater fisherman. Infact, I have just returned from a 4 day fishing trip at Mooselookmeguntic in Northern Maine. I often fish the Sudbury river and launch at Sherman Bridge. Is your picture the bridge over Rte 117? If so, I may see you on the water!

    • David Fulton says:

      The picture was taken in Billerica where Route 3A crosses the Concord. I tend to fish near the Lowell line because the access is easier but have also put in near Carlisle off of Route 4. I haven’t spent much time in the Sudbury — although I’ve wanted to — so I may try that soon and see you there. Thanks for the feedback.

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