I’m fascinated by lathes and have always wanted to create wood turnings.  But there was always something more important to do, so I never got started.  I guess I thought I would “get around to it” one day in the future.

A number of years ago, I decided that it was time to get started and have turned a number of items since then in my spare time.  As other wood turners will tell you, it’s a reasonably satisfying hobby.

The pages linked below contain pictures of items that I have created.

A number of  items are for sale or can be produced on-demand.   Download our catalog (in PDF format) for more information:

Fultons Ventures Woodturning Catalog

Once you find something you like in our catalog, use the following form to place your order:

Fultons Ventures Order Form

Click on one of the pictures to see more items.


Pens and Other Small Items




6 Responses to Wood-Turning

  1. Anne Ashley says:

    I love the spalted birch, though now I am going to go look up spalted. What is great about wood is the inner beauty revealed through man’s interference, much like slicing geodes. If you read about Michelangelo, he had the ability to see into the qualities of the marble, knew what he could do with each block. Beauty and constraint.

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    • David Fulton says:

      Thanks for the very nice comment. I’m glad you liked the pieces although I have nothing close to the experience (or skills) of Michelangelo.

      Wood is described as “spalted” when it is attacked by fungi during the early stages of decay. Once the wood has been turned and sealed, the decay halts and the fungi produces interesting dark markings in the wood. Spalted wood is somewhat hazardous to work with — because of all of the fungi spores that are released while the wood is being turned — but good air filtration equipment can deal with this risk pretty easily. More info on spalted wood can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spalting
      Thanks again,

  2. Steve Hitchins says:

    Hi David,
    Nice work, somewhat similar to you, wood turning has been on my list for some time. My wife bought me a turining course which I plan to cash in in the next few weeks. I will let you know how it turns out.
    I have a metal lathe but that is more functional than creative.

    Regards Steve

    • David Fulton says:

      Good to hear from you and best of luck with your wood turning. Getting started can be a bit overwhelming, especially given the seemingly endless variety of tools that are available. If you want some advice on what you really need, email me.

  3. David Fulton says:

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the feedback. Most of the items pictured here were donated to charity fund-raisers (like the Pan Mass Challenge) or were given to family members or friends on various occasions. (Nothing says “Thank you” like a hand-made wooden item.)

    I’ve considered selling my goods more aggressively, but have been disappointed by how little people are willing to pay for products like these.

    There are a number of wood turners who sell high-quality bowls for around $40, without remembering that it may have taken them 4-5 hours to make it, finish it, etc. And I don’t know about you, but $10 / hour (which is about $20K / year) isn’t enough for me to live on.

    Maybe I’ll get better at this “web site stuff” in the future and find a way to actually make money with my hobby.

  4. Jay Creeden says:

    Wonderfull work, Love the variety of the woods used and the color spectrum diversity the species have.
    Are you selling your wares?
    Not in the market at the moment , but…..
    Would like to converse on your supplychain of and for burls.
    I belonged to a woodturners group briefly on southshore, ( Ma).
    Jay Creeden
    Acton networkers member

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