I am an experienced software product management and project management professional with a passion for wood-turning and fresh-water fishing.

The majority of my professional life has been focused on enterprise applications that help manage, associate, and share information, including a number of years spent driving product evolutions in PDM (product data management), PLM (product lifecycle management), and enterprise search.

Initially, these types of applications all used client-server architectures with back-end relational databases.

Now, they use web-based architectures and web 2.0 capabilities to facilitate system deployments and interactions with a wide variety of  users in B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) situations.

I’ve worked for venture-funded start-ups, large Global 1000 companies and those in-between where I have led cross-functional project teams with 10-60 members, including offshore and remote members.  Some projects were completed in just a few months while others took as long as two years, with budgets between $150K and $100M USD.  Most of these projects were successful in the marketplace, including one that generated over $10M in new revenue in the first 6 months of availability.

I’m well versed in all aspects of software product and project management, including:

  • Defining and maintaining the product strategy and roadmap, researching competitive offerings, identifying customer needs and translating them into market and functional requirement documents, working with Engineering (including off-shore personnel) to create superior product solutions, establishing appropriate pricing models, and providing support, product information, and demonstrations to customers, pre-sales support personnel, sales channels and key partners.
  • Obtaining and clarifying project requirements from stakeholders, identifying necessary tasks and dependencies, obtaining estimates, planning work schedules, mitigating risks, tracking progress, providing regular progress reports, resolving issues, and performing post-mortem analyses to enable future project improvements.

I also provide free-lance consulting on product management, project management, and marketing to clients on a confidential basis.  A few of my most recent projects include:

  • Defined the market opportunity, product capabilities, and business plan for an angel-funded B2B supply chain start-up.  Led the team to define the product architecture and to select the best cloud computing platform.  Created the initial functional specifications for an off-shore development team.   The company’s development efforts are continuing based upon the work that I completed.
  • Created initial market analysis and go-to-market plan for a privately funded web-based B2C start-up.  Company facilitates the identification and selection of high-caliber attorneys by corporate and consumer clients.
    The company’s services are continuing to expand, following the concepts that I provided.
  • Created competitive analysis and brand rejuvenation plans for a small, privately funded, B2C real-estate services company.
    The company is currently planning an update to their services and marketing efforts based upon the analysis and recommendations that I provided.

If you have a need for high-quality, confidential assistance of this type, please contact me using the “E-mail” link below.

The remainder of this site contains interesting information that I have read, thoughts that I want to share, and pictures that I have taken.


David Fulton

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  1. Scotty says:

    Very well done wood turning catalog. I have clients that might need help with their online presence.

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